Meeting in huge crowds of people, Airwheel Q3 self-balancing scooter being with you

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Abstract: What will the future be like? What will the traffic in the future be like? The answer to the questions as to what people will choose to go out are not difficult since the advent of the electric unicycle and the future is coming to us.


With the development of the science and the technology, the distance between human and the future is closer, especially when human going out. Since Airwheel electric unicycle Q3 appeared, it has made us feel that science and technology leads us every step towards the future.

Meeting in huge crowds of people, Airwheel Q3 self-balancing scooter being with you

The R & D staff of Airwheel electric unicycle Q3 unite most cutting-edge technology in today’s society to make Airwheel electric unicycle Q3 be a means of traffic. Airwheel electric unicycle Q3 is easy to carry with dynamic excellence and range capability. It is popular with the office workers, students and people loving traveling by themselves.


Maximum speed of Airwheel electric unicycle Q3 can be up to 18km/h and its maximum load can reach 120kg. Its shortest charging time is within just 90 minutes. Airwheel electric unicycle Q3 is a green means of high-quality and cheap vehicle. Moreover, it also has advanced intelligent processing system and used the world's most advanced processors to significantly improve the performance of electric unicycle to make it operate normally in a variety of complex environments.


Great attention was paid to Q3 user security experience, and therefore, the designer use rate-limiting protection, low battery protection, tilting protection, safety tips and other aspects of the protection to ensure safe users’ safety. This design not only further protects the users’ safety of Airwheel electric unicycle Q3, it can also greatly increase the service life of electric scooter.


For those women who love shopping, but often feel tired, Airwheel electric unicycle Q3 can effectively solve their problems. For women, it is undoubtedly a rare means of shopping because it is small and easy to carry.

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Now more and more people move closer to the city, it has increased the burden of urban transport, hindered the development of urban rapid pace, so that people in traffic jams gradually have to waste valuable time. The question as to how to travel faster increasingly has become a problem. The appearance of Airwheel electric unicycle Q3 has solved this problem effectively. It has offered people a convenient means of vehicle. With Q3, office workers do not have to worry about traffic congestion and it can help them shuttle in the crowd freely and quickly. As the pursuit of environmental protection and swift traffic, intelligent self-balancing scooter Q3 will be undoubtedly be the first choice for the future of fast travel.

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