Airwheel Q1 gives you a different riding experience

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Abstract: At present, the self-balancing electric unicycle is definitely the most trending personal transporter. Electric unicycles can often been seen either played at street corners or used as commuting tools scooting along the sidewalks.

As the most trending personal vehicle, the self-balancing electric unicycle is favored by a group of young people. There are a variety of brands on the market, among which the Airwheel is the most popular one. Specializing in self-balancing products, the Airhweel Technology offers a range of models with different features. The Airwheel Q1 is one of the bestsellers.

electric scooter
The Airwheel Technology is a pioneer enterprise in the self-balancing intelligent personal transportation business. With full intelligence property, the Airwheel Q1 is created to be the smart and powerful tool for short distance travel. Compared to previous models, the Airwheel Q1 electric scooter has got many updates in interior chips and exterior design. The unit is small in size and can be stowed easily without occupying much space. Also, the unit is light in weigh (10.6kg) that it can be put in the backpack and taken easily when you are in lift or climbing a flight of stairs. The Q1 is fitted with a 12-inch small wheel which is exclusively designed.

Apart from outstanding exterior configuration, the Airwheel Q1 has an upgraded controlling system. The reaction time of the intelligent requires a mere 0.03s. The self-balancing gyro-sensors and system are fine-tuned to make the riding experience more comfortable. A rider just have to stand on the pedals at each side of the wheel and lean the body forward and backward to steer the wheel. The built in gyro-sensors will detect the tilting of the device and make the wheel go forward and backward while keep the wheel balanced. Different from the traditional unicycle which is hard to learn and has to be pedaled, the Airwheel Q1 is powered by electricity and much easier to learn.

electric unicycle
The Airwheel Q1 shares many technology breakthrough and innovations. It can be a good help for your commuting need, and a fun gadget for recreation.


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