Look at Today's Living Environment Change Through Different Electric Unicycle Culture

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Abstract: With the rapid development of science and technology, there have been great changes in lifestyle and environment between people who are just separated by a generation or two. Therefore, we must rely on a new era of environmentally-friendly transport - electric unicycle to save the sky.


Once upon a time, unicycle is a unique scenery in the certain period where it can be helped to push food, fertilizer, and even the soul of a family. And at that time, parents were naïve and they sat on the unicycle to look at the clear sky waving their legs and heard the singing of birds and the leaves’ sound. Nowadays, vehicles dash forward that we don’t need to walk step by step with our own feet or return between starting point and destination. Aircraft and automobile give us faster speed and the wider world. We begin to pay more attention to further things, but unknowingly ignore thing around ourselves.

Look at Today's Living Environment Change Through Different Electric Unicycle Culture

Undoubtedly, physical dominant pattern life have been replaced with mental. We don't need to bear the weight of the whole family with our feet and hands that used to be solid and full of callosity. Human resource is replaced by machines. However, the sky is also covered by the fog, and traffic jams become routine. Long waiting wears down our souls day after day that lets us become impetuous and numbness. Technology brings convenience as well as pressure that difficult to detect. To solve the problem of environment deterioration of urban life, unicycle appears again in front of us. Using the clean electric energy, it is no longer pushed by people. Its small volume helps to gain a high pass in a crowded street compared with other transports.


One-wheel electric scooter can not only be a transport, but also occur in the pavilions and office occasions. Airwheel, for instance, which occupies a high market share, its unicycle uses magnetic levitation motor whose sound is equal to page turning. It can even works without any noise that is suitable for a quiet condition for some special purpose.


The government is also appealing for low carbon life and green travel. This new type of personal transport is advocated to reduce the use of private cars in order to cut down the automobile exhaust emissions and pollution, so that the problems of ecological deterioration can be alleviated. Transportation in the past were produced for energy saving and convenient. However, we can not only aim for this now and should find our lost ecological property back.is lost, so we have to struggle for the mistakes and start again to return the green earth to the next generation.


"Travel Smart, Travel Green" as Airwheel, we must call the new life style as low carbon travel, relying on electric unicycle, so that we can protect this piece of the sky!

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