The Airwheel X3 Electric Scooter, the Symbol of the Street Culture

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The Airwheel X3 Electric Scooter, the Symbol of the Street Culture

Abstract: In recently years, there the electric scooter has become more and more popular and become the symbol of the street culture. The rider needs to lean forward or backward constantly to change the centre of gravity to control the scooter to accelerate, decelerate and to brake. And there are many skills to make the ride full of fun.

Airwheel X3

If you want to become the electric self-balancing scooter player, you have to get hold of premium tools. Among a crowd of the scooter players, there is always someone owing Airwheel scooter. The X3 series are usually the classic one. I think that most of the players are familiar with basic operation of Airwheel X3. Besides, for the fashion and minimalist shape, the excellent riding experience is more popular among the riders.


Airwheel single-wheeled scooter X3 adopted the core intelligent technology. It shares the same lithium battery core with Tesla Motors. This battery core can be cycle charged for 1800 times, which is 3.8 times of the ordinary battery. The cruising range of the battery can be 2.9 times as long as the ordinary battery. Besides, there are three unknown advantages: intoxication, without memory effect (you can charge it whenever you need it) and quick charge. These factors all ensure that you have sufficient power to ride for a long time and keep the riding safe and sound without any worries. The totally enclosed design leaves you fearless for the distain in your scooter. The whole weight of X3 is 10 kg, which is much lighter than that of all the other scooters. The light scooter can make the player jump higher. Theoretically, the X3 scooter cruising range can reach 18km/h. Under the terrible road conditions, the actual range can be a little less than the theoretical value.


Now that the is just a travel tool, the safety should come first. There are four protections in the design of the scooter, including the Airwheel. All these four protections are very important for the players. When the speed reaches 12km/h, the two sides of the footboard would rise slowly to indicate that the rider should not accelerate any more. When the scooter is in low battery, the four LED indicators light would flash meanwhile the buzzer would also alert. If the rider of other brands won’t charge the scooter as soon as possible, it will cause the rider fall down. However, the tilting protection can effectively avoid the falling down from the scooter. What is more, if the scooter falls over, it not only breaks the scooter but also hurt others.


It is easy and obvious for everyone to understand the high value for money of Airwheel scooter. Choose the brand that most of the players favour will be the best choice.

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