Airwheel Intelligent Electric Scooter Brings You a Brand New Life

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Abstract: Airwheel intelligent scooter S3 has become a prevalent transporter among the public. It is designed in the most cutting-edge style with the concept of environmental protection. Fashion and human concern are reflected in every subtle detail of the vehicle.  

We are living in such an ordinary world with nothing as thrilling as it is in the movie scenarios. What we have is only the repeated bustle and ordinary. Without any notice, time just elapses through our fingers. Then how can we extricate ourselves from such a life of boredom and sail on a new journey? Here is your best chance–the Airwheel self-balancing scooter. 

Many people lead a dull and tedious life and have nothing to do but to work. They have completely lost themselves by being stuck in the circle from office to home. What’s worse, they have to curl up in the extremely crowded bus and metro which mercilessly rid us of the last little space we have. Don’t you want to change it and get out of this predicament? For the purpose of bringing extraordinary to this world and delight to your life, the Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter S3 has come into being.

Airwheel S3

The Airwheel S3, mounted with gorgeous headlights, brake lights and turn signals, makes whatever rider on it a definite star on the road at night. Its pretty body, adopting the leading alloy technique, can catch people’s attention easily with only one glimpse. In addition, with its double battery board and intelligent CPU instant monitoring data, the scooter becomes much safer for the riders. If you ever feel bored during your journey, you can play some melodious music with the wireless remote and have your body dance to the beat. 


The Airwheel intelligent scooter S3 has become a brand new lifestyle for modern people. Wherever you would like to go, you will always experience an indescribable pleasure from the journey. With a bearing capacity of 120 kg, it is able to travel up to 65 miles and reach a speed of 18 km/h. Riding on it, you can reach any destination as you like. As long as you set out at will, the scooter will be just right beside you.


Is Airwheel intelligent electric scooter S3 just fashionable, safe, environmental-friendly and energy-efficient? Of course not, it can also bring you actual spiritual freedom. In this era of rapid development, if you want to keep in step with the times, have an environmental-friendly lifestyle, become a tastemaker or stand in the limelight, well, you have to own an Airwheel scooter S3 first.

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