Airwheel Q3 Electric Scooter, More Than A Transporter

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More and more electric scooter players, AKA Airwheelers are spotted having fun in cool summer night. Most among them are kids, youngsters and even nervous mid-ages. The typical crowd is centered by an eye-catching Airwheeler and surrounded by envy stand-bys. Combining intelligent transporter and fun entertaining set, Airwheel is attracting players from all over the world. Airwheel as the leading brand in this emerging section, causes sensation with every of its newly launched model. Airwheel Q3 is no exception, it zooms to the top seller soon after its debut in early 2014.

Before elaborating on the product, I’d like to introduce Airwheel Technology Co., Ltd. first. Airwheel Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on R&D and producing electric scooter and is highly thought of in this section. So far Airwheel has 2 product lines with 8 models, i.e. Airwheel X3, Airwheel X3 Orange (limited edition), Airwheel X5, Airwheel X5 music, Airwheel X6, Airwheel X6 music, Airwheel X8, Airwheel Q1 and Airwheel Q3. Airwheel is dedicated to bring customers better riding experience with an ever-upgrading control technology and relentless innovative spirit.
Airwheel Q3, which was launched last winter, features concise exterior look and superior product performance and brings an ever-lasting upsurge ever since its launch. Unlike the X-series, Airwheel Q3 adopts exclusive twin-wheel drive system, which delivers smooth steering experience, strong grip effect and solid performance on all terrains.

Airwheel Q3 comes with 4 different battery versions: 130Wh Pioneer, 170Wh Trender, 260Wh Deluxe and 340Wh Exclusive, which deliver battery range of 18-65 km respectively. The practical battery range is depended on various factors including load, terrain, riding speed and temperature. When it comes to exterior design, Airwheel integrates simple classical design concept into leading intelligent technology. Presented in frost black and angelic white, Airwheel Q3 electric self-balancing scooter satisfies fans regardless of age and gender.
Mounted by an intelligent chip and powered by an original Japan-made lithium battery, Airwheel Q3 only costs as much as a smart phone or a laptop. Considered to be more than an intelligent and emission-free transporter with high price-performance ratio, Airwheel is broadly received as the latest optimal tool for short commuting trips. It is reported that Airwheel will launch at least 50 models in 3-4 series to build a complete intelligent transporter family. More to expect in the second half of this year 2014!
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