Airwheel: Do You Low Carbon Travel Out Today?

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Abstract: Airwheel electric unicycle tries to provide the best products to its customers with the original intention of environmentally-friendly and high-quality production. The electric scooter is keeping trying to solve the traffic problem and promote a green lifestyle to build the peaceful coexistence with nature.

How many types of transport appear in the daily life since the ancient time to the present? Is it the time of one-wheel scooter?

Airwheel: Do You Low Carbon Travel Out Today?

In the early stage of mankind’s civilized society, the means of transport was backward, since people only used transport with animal power such as carriage and ox cart. However, those means of transport changed the history that humans relying on foot to walk out for a long time, which is a giant advancement. In the Industrial Age, steamer appeared with steam train and steam ship, etc. Then, humans got into the stage of internal combustion engine, and the development of transport changed with each passing day. Nowadays, humans can take bicycle, electro mobile, car, bus, subway, ferry, etc. to travel around.


It must be admitted that appearances of various means of transport promote the communication and development of social technology, policy and economy in particular as well as the communication and integration of different civilizations. However, with the advancement of our society, the requirement of transport is keeping changing.


In the past decades, humans has pursued the speed of transport since they wanted to travel to another place and finish their work with higher speed in their limited lives. “Quickness ” is the main pursuit of most people. However, since petrol-fuelled transports like car burden the environment and cause revenge of nature, humans begin to rethink and realize the importance of environment. People also hope the idea of environmental low carbon can run through our lives and propose the travel mode of energy saving and emission reduction. Airwheel electric scooters are produced under this idea.


Airwheel is an environmentally-friendly one-wheeled electric unicycle for transport whose power comes from SONY lithium battery core without any emission. Airwheel is environmentally-friendly, low carbon and energy-saving. The lithium battery used in the self-balancing electric scooter can be recycled used for 1,800 times. Its service life is 3.8 times longer than the general battery core and its service time is 2.9 times longer than the general one. Non-toxic, no memory effect without long time for charging, Airwheel is convenient and powerful.


As a well-known brand, Airwheel tries to provide best products for its customers with the original goal of environmentally-friendly and high-quality. Airewheel dedicates to solve the problem of travel for customers and proposes a green lifestyle to reach the environmental harmony.


Formerly, the speed was the mere criterion for a good transport. The transport with high speed and large load was sought-after. Now, people begin to study the environmentally-friendly transport to decrease the burden on the environment. Airwheel is the outstanding transport in the industry.

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