Airwheel X3 Intelligent Unicycle Starts a New Cool Life

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Abstract: Airwheel X3 is a totally new means of transport with light weight, quick charging and the largest load is 120kgs. The unicycle is the best choice for any one with a healthy lifestyle. Users can travel freely by the electric scooter.

Airwheel X3 Intelligent Unicycle Starts a New Cool Life

Are you still a bicycle rider? Airwheel X3 intelligent unicycle has come into the market. Do not hesitate any more, or you will be out of date. With X3 self-balancing unicycle, you do not need to take bus or subway among the crowds desperately. X3 will also start the “tastemaker” travel for you.


The pace of modern life is becoming faster nowadays. People should catch up with it. How to choose the means of transport is a big problem since the most painful thing is that when you wait for the bus, the bus driver smiles and tells you the bus is full so you should wait for the next. Airwheel X3 releases people from waiting at the bus stop or subway station.


As a way of high technology transport designed for the modern citizens, the advanced aerospace attitude control, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system are applied to this electric scooter, which enables users to travel freely and quickly. Users stand on X3, march forward, speed up, slow down and brake through body bending forward or leaning backward, which is similar to the balance of bicycle. Besides, the self-balancing unicycle weights only about 10kgs so it is more portable, convenient and freer than bicycle.


Airwheel intelligent unicycle X3 is also equipped with 132wh exported lithium battery, which takes only 90 minutes to charge fully and can speed up to 18km/h. Under the circumstance of 60kgs load, the maximum permissible gradient is 18 degree, which wipes out the worry of power shortage. What’s more, self-balancing unicycle can also protect the safety of users. X3 will stop in the condition of low power, high speed and when users tilt over 45 degree.


When the environment is destroyed totally, the slogan of environmentally-friendly and healthy life becomes the most popular one. The electric self-balancing scooter is born under this background and Airwheel is the outstanding one in the industry. If you hate the smoky sky, fear to catch the last second of green lights or if you want to get rid of this drooping spirit, just act at once. The little unicycle can decrease the burden the environment of earth. The unicycle can also help user to weave on the streets freely, as well as riding under the sunshine and breathing more fresh air.


Airwheel unicycle X3 represents the new culture and trend which reflects a healthy and green life. Airwheel electric scooter is the best choice for hardworking students, eager beavers or backpackers. It will accompany users to travel around the world and walk into the bottom of your heart.

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