Airwheel Q5 Electric Balancing Unicycle Featured Health and Environmental Protection for Safe Travelling

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Abstract: Airwheel Q5 electric balancing unicycle weighs only 11.5Kg but can carry a load up of to 120Kg, for which it is honored “Hercules” among alternative transports. Featured by small size, low weight and portability, it is the latest convenient transport that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Living in a city brings abundant materials and resources that one expects to find, diversified entertainments which enable people to be relaxed and developed transportation for travelling at ease……But is everything good? Not really. For example, though people are provided with various means of transportation such as bus, subway and taxi, they are indeed facing with the problem of traffic jam when using these transports. It will take one much time in case of traffic congestion, even if a short distance from the destination. But isn’t there any transport for which you will have not to worry about traffic jam? Of course yes. Airwheel Q5 electric unicycle is exactly an ideal option as alternative transport.

Airwheel Q5 Electric Balancing Unicycle Featured Health and

Many of you may have heard of Airwheel Q5 electric balancing unicycle. Airwheel, as a new environmentally friendly transport brand, produces mainly electric self-balancing scooters suitable for short-distance trips. Airwheel has mastered core patented technology of electric self-balancing scooters through years of independent research and development. Its electric balancing scooters boast firm bodywork and safer riding. With multiple national patents and international and domestic certificates, Airwheel has become a famous specialized manufacturer in the electric balancing scooter industry. Airwheel Q5 electric balancing unicycle is a very popular one-wheeled electric balancing scooter launched by it. The unicycle is powerful and can move ahead at ease on all sorts of terrain.


Airwheel Q5 is a new electric balancing unicycle integrating aerospace attitude control theory and fuzzy software algorithm, which can also be called scooter or intelligent scooter. It is smaller, lighter and more suitable for short-distance trips compared with other conventional means of transportation. The unicycle can move forward freely in crowded streets due to its small size and be easily taken with by both men and women because of its light bodywork.


Airwheel Q5 electric balancing unicycle is very convenient for short-haul trips. It can carry riders easily pass through crowded and narrow roads as long as the riders can make it. With such a unicycle, one will have not to get on a crowded bus or drive by himself/herself and worry about traffic jam during a short-haul trip.


Airwheel Q5 electric balancing scooter weighs only 11.5KG and is very worth buying in view of its small size, portability and being good to environment and health.

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