Airwheel S3 Balancing Scooter Presents a New Green and Environmentally Friendly Fashion

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Abstract: You may have been fed up with the haze in the air and endless traffic jams, you may want to make a contribution to global environmental improvement and re-enjoy clear waters and blue sky, or you may expect to weave freely in a sea of people and travel at ease throughout the world. All of these can be achieved with Airwheel S3 electric balancing scooter. It helps contribute to the environment unwittingly.

Airwheel S3 Balancing Scooter Presents a New Green and

Airwheel S3 electric balancing scooter, by adhering closely to the new concept of green and environmental protection, is designed with electric braking to reduce gasoline consumption and exhausts emission, which consequently allows riders to enjoy a green and eco-friendly lifestyle easily. In addition, the 2-wheeled electric scooter employs dual intelligent balancing chips, that is, Sony battery core, to ensure adequate service time and mileage, so riders will no longer have to worry about outage in the midway. In order to meet various demands of differently groups, Airwheel S3 electric balancing scooter is specially provided with two specifications such as 520Wh and 680Wh. Furthermore, it boasts short charging cycle to the extent that it takes 360min and 470min to fully charge 520Wh and 680Wh scooters respectively.


On the other hand, the scooter is featured by lightness and thinness. It is beyond imagination that such an ideal alternative transport weighs only 22.4KG, which means one can carry it freely on the way between home and office. In fact, the light bodywork of Airwheel S3 may owe to the materials it uses; S3 body is made of macromolecular nanometer materials, which, though light, ensure firm and solid functions and effects. It can accompany you no matter you are at home, travelling, going on a trip or going spring outing and carry you anywhere at any time.


On top of all these, however, is the agility of Airwheel S3 electric self-balancing scooter, which is also the most amazing thing. In a time of more vehicles than people, traffic jam is common and usual, at which time Airwheel S3 electric balancing scooter has a chance to distinguish it. Being greatly agile, it can advance freely on even the narrowest road and shuttle in the scream of loudspeakers. It is the most fashionable and wisest choice for young people, which can alleviate the annoyance from getting early but being late due to congestion and help leave behind driving and commuting colleagues after work.


Whether you admit it or not, old and conventional means of transportation have been quietly replaced by Airwheel S3 electric self-balancing scooter. Alternative transports will usher in a new era led by S3. On a nice day, you might as well ride your S3 and go on an unscheduled trip together with your friends!

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