Riding Airwheel Electric Unicycle, Daring to Experience any Road

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Travel smart, travel green is Airwheel electric unicycle's challenge to the contemporary life. It can face any road condition and dares to keep low-carbon, healthy and cool every day. However it dares to let the technology become fashionable. For those people who has passion for life and dares to challenge life, Airwheel electric unicycle becomes the best means to travel!

Riding Airwheel Electric Unicycle, Daring to Experience any Road

If individuality and courage forward is your life guideline, the vehicle that you choose to go out should be also as brave as you. In such a modern society with various kinds of vehicles, it’s inappropriate to judge the transportation only by value and money. Only with the vehicle which matches you, you can have a farther, more efficient and more comfortable trip.


Dare to try any road condition!

Airwheel electric unicycle can weave on the broad or narrow road. You can shuttle in the quiet grassland and forest.

Airwheel electric single-wheeled scooter used well-known rubber tires. Even on the narrow road with gravel, leaves and other debris, Airwheel unicycle can go forward smoothly as if it was on the flat cement road. It determines its position by its built-in smart chip. When its tilting angle exceeds rated limit, the protection mechanisms of unicycle will be activated and give warnings to ensure your safety in such a bumpy road.


Dare to have a low-carbon trip forever!

Airwheel one-wheeled scooter is born to be low-carbon because it’s driven by clean energy with zero-emission and no pollution. It dares to challenge the fog and haze, and devotes to making contributions to air pollution control!

Airwheel single-wheeled scooter is cost-effective with excellent performance. This new kind of low-carbon vehicle is deserved to be introduced into people’s life and people should know more about the environmentally-friendly and low-carbon transportation. The new low-carbon era is coming!


Dare to be cool and healthy every day!

Unique riding methods with all kinds of crazy pull can also bring your body a full range of exercise and you can be healthy every day!

Airwheel electric unicycle kills two birds with one stone on travelling and exercise. Going out and exercising can help office workers get exercise and alleviate the fatigue of the long-term mental work. Riding unicycle for a long time can strengthen balance and reflex ability so that the shoulder, spine, limbs and other body can get fully exercises. What’s more, it can increase the body's skill and flexibility. When you ride unicycle, your back needs to be upright. Doing more exercise can correct slight hump and lateral bending of the spine.


Dare to make friends with science and technology.

Someone says technology is rigorous, but science and technology can also bring fashion. By riding the new Airwheel single-wheeled scooter, you can be the spotlight among the crowds!

Airwheel unicycle determines its position in which the state body is by its built-in accurate gyroscope and makes appropriate instruction to driving system by smart chip to achieve long-term and dynamic balance. Without obvious physical action, you can override the Airwheel unicycle as you like. Young people can’t help falling in love with the Airwheel single-wheeled scooter because of its high-technology.


Airwheel unicycle provides a suitable choice for you who are brave enough to challenge and pursue high-quality life!

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