The New Zealand Stylish Man Account for what a Fashionable Life and Brand New Experience Airwheel Unicycle offers

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Abstract: Recently, a New Zealand young man uploaded a short aerial video clip. Riding an Airwheel while walking his dog, he enjoys his field trip very much. The fashionable Airwheel intelligent scooters give us a freer life with all brand new joy.


When a radio-controlled aircraft meets an Airwheel intelligent self-balancing unicycle, and the aerial recording meet the riding travel, what wonderful inspirations will be sparked?

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Recently, a New Zealand young man uploaded a short aerial video cut. Riding an Airwheel unicycle, he enjoyed his field trip very much and walked his pet dog at the same time. In the video cut, he rode an Airwheel X8 intelligent self-balancing scooter, and moved upward along a twisted mountain road. Finally, he reached the open and flat ground where the green grass looked like a carpet. There he rode freely and enjoyed his riding; in the sky the aircraft radio-controlled by his friend recorded the whole process.


With its wonderful performance, Airwheel electric scooters travel easily on the slopes of the mountain road. Their good tires keep them stable while running through roads with different road conditions. The best proof is in the video cut. The New Zealand young man rode freely and smoothly through the uneven ground overgrown with weeds, with no speed reduction and few vehicle bumps.


Since the beginning of designing each Airwheel product, Airwheel developers had adhered to the low-carbon and eco-friendly principle. In order to produce the innovative transport means of the new era, Airwheel chooses Sony or Panasonic lithium battery core as the power bank, the top tire brand Cheng Shin as the tire provider, hi-tech Nano material forming the shell of the body, noise-free maglev motor, and the most advanced intelligent CPU for its products. The intelligent CPU powers the inside operating system packaging aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to keep vehicles’ balance. Users can control the electric self-balancing scooters by tilting its body in different directions. These control skills are user friendly and easy to learn.

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Because of the high quality of the Airwheel intelligent scooters, users are able to ride on slopes and roads with different road conditions. Airwheel intelligent scooters enable users to enjoy their riding to office, amusement, field outing, walking pet dog and so on. Users are able to discover new usages of Airwheel electric scooters with their imagination and creation. For instance, a father pushes a pram by riding an Airwheel unicycle and a mother pushes the cart by riding an Airwheel unicycle. Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters bring you all brand new joy of life; and with Airwheel products, you will get new experience every day.



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