New Conveyance for Part-time Job: Airwheel Electric Scooter

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Abstract: Airwheel Scooter might have been familiar to everyone. It is a means of transportation for short-haul trips, which is rapidly integrating into people’s lives and leading a new sports fashion of street riding. But Airwheel can do more.


Airwheel electric Scooter might not be strange any more. It is a transport tool for short-haul trips, which is rapidly integrating into people’s lives and leading a new sports vogue of street riding. But Airwheel can do more.


Yet at some point, Scooter quietly appeared in daily transportation; certainly, as a new leisure vogue, electric unicycles are always seen in parks or on plazas, of which young guys often make a practice in threes and fours. Next, we’d like to show you an aggressive Airwheel unicycle and unique means to ride it.

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Santa Claus also a fashionable guy

A street snap from an American department store shows a Santa Claus riding Airwheel Scooter and weaving here and there to send gifts and blessings on a jubilant festival. Farewell to elks and sleigh, Santa Claus shows up with a modern means of transportation, being more fashionable and convenient.


Airwheel Scooter, due to its agile design, shuttles back and forth in the crowd, presents a unique scenery on the festival and improves its presence in the street.


Street snap of a working Swedish waiter

At sunset and when streetlights are lit, in an antique Sweden street, a waiter is riding on a scooter and holding a tray on his palm. Is he just back from delivering take-out food?


He imperturbably rides in the street, with the tray and wine in the glass as steady as usual and without any jolt. Airwheel Scooter allows delivery of take-out food to be easy and labor-saving because of its excellent balance performance and superior speed and battery, just like a relaxing wandering rather than heavy work.


A new trick to distribute leaflets

A guy in white is distributing leaflets to passers-by, behind whom another guy also in white rides an Airwheel one-wheeled scooter. A daylong part-time job becomes easier and more efficient owing to an electric unicycle, which is also attractive to many strangers and possibly to a Princess Charming.

electric unicycle

Suitable for office workers, students and daily living and entertainment, Scooter is unexpectedly a perfect tool for part-timers and greatly popular abroad. Being light, convenient, agile, fashionable, handsome, safe and eco-friendly, Airwheel Scooter will certainly be preferred by street part-timers.


Airwheel is witnessed anywhere at any time, which is eagerly improving its presence in streets.

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