What Makes Airwheel Electric Scooter so Successful?

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Abstract: Because of three year’s arduous efforts, Airwheel won its glorious today. Being a scooter-maker, Airwheel has become a prominent firm, both at home and abroad.

Because of three year’s arduous efforts, Airwheel self-balancing scooter won its glorious today. Being a scooter-maker, Airwheel has become a prominent firm, both at home and abroad. In Airwheel, there are three principles of management and production: innovation, eco-friendliness and user-friendliness. It has pumped out an array of models of scooter electric, which are catching on in the market. These series cover the single-wheeled X-series, the twin-wheeled Q-series and the intelligent self-balancing S-series.



The single-wheeled X-series excels on its dexterity. The twin-wheeled Q-series draws on the classic elements from X-series and, most importantly, employs an original new two-wheeled architecture, strengthening its balance along with ease of use. S-series, marking a milestone of scooter innovation, takes pride in its minimalist-chic design and state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, it is commended as the ultimate of Airwheel scooters.

A couple of years ago, Airwheel got its first try-out of design notion in X3, and made a splash. Following this successful momentum, Airwheel rolled out other models of X-series, e.g. X5 and X8. As time goes by, models of X-series still attracted many scooter fans. Although the structure of single wheel might scare away some tyros, its agility takes some beating in all lines of Airwheel. Almost most all old hand scooters fans are willing to choose X-series, showing their exciting skills of riding scooter. They tend to display their fancy tricks in the streets or squares before pedestrian, like turning circles, sitting on it while rolling, standing upside down and even pushing a car while standing on it. The single-wheel is a better choice for showing their brilliant tricks. To sum up, X-series is suited to the adepts and Q-series is more suitable for the beginner.



The new brand Q-series was designed into a twin-wheeled scooter. Q-series partially shares the same exterior design with X-series. However, a unique tweak was given to its wheel structure. The twin-wheeled structure took the place of the single-wheeled structure. This twin-wheeled structure facilitates balance as well as user-friendliness. Hence, it’s no wonder that Q-series turns to be the darling of tyros.

The latest model, intelligent electric self-balancing scooterr S3, is designed to the utmost. In the trade fairs, its fancy exterior makes it a focus. In the meantime, the nature of environmental protection would lead intelligent self-balancing scooter to broader market.

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