Comparison Between Two Airwheel Classic Electric Unicycle - X3 and X8

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Abstract: Many Airwheel electric scooter riders are in a dilemma when deciding on which model they will buy-X3 or X8. Truthfully, it is not an easy choice since the two models are equally outstanding. Here we list the major differences between the two classic models for riders’ references.

Comparison Between Two Airwheel Classic Electric Unicycle - X3 and X8

As Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter generates much popularity among riding lovers, people begin to concentrate on the specialty of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter and want to find the type that suits them best. Many people show interest both in Airwheel X3 and X8, but which one is better, the comparisons can be made in the following aspects:


  1. Quality

Product quality is the ever-lasting pursuit. In terms of quality, both X3 and X8 single-wheeled electric scooters are equipped with original Sony lithium-ion power battery, grand-new wheels of superior quality, high-tech resin case made by nanotechnology, as well as ultra-silence magnetism levitation motor, which are all featured by premium performances. Therefore, X3 and X8 electric unicycles can hardly be differentiated by product quality.


  1. Performances

Airwheel X3 electric scooter can work under 130kw and 170wh respectively. Comparatively, X8 self-balancing scooter can only work under 170wh because X8 is a larger single-wheeled electric scooter which is equipped with a power display board with higher intelligent performance and lighter shell. Therefore, X8 outperforms X3 in terms of performances.


  1. Cost Performances

Definitely, high performance means higher cost. Although X8 is superior to X3 in the aspect of performance, X3 has more advantages at pricing since it is sold at an economical price in spite of its brilliant quality. X3 resembles X8 in many aspects but with a lower price, which makes X3 single-wheeled electric scooter extremely popular among people who focus on cost performance. Many X3 buyers find it impossible for electric scooters to keep perfect condition all the time since some scratches or collisions are unavoidable. Therefore, they prefer X3 to X8 in fear of being too heartache if X8 is bumped and or slightly damaged.


4. Appearance

Both X3 and X8 single -wheeled electric scooters have special and unique designs. X3 self-balancing scooters are designed in colors including blue, orange, white and black, looking fashionable and cool. X8 is mainly characterized by its large-sized single-wheeled design which arouses the sense of nobleness and elegance. People can decide on which model they would like to buy based on personal tastes and preferences.


Generally speaking, X3 electric unicycle achieve more excellence in aspects of high cost performance, and relatively low price while X8 electric scooter is outstanding due to its higher performance and noble appearance.


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