With the Companion of Parents and Airwheel Electric Unicycle, Every Day is Children’s Day

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Abstract: The Children’s Day was just passed, what present did you send to your children? Airwheel electric unicycle offers intimate time for you and your children and leaves them healthy, carefree and happy childhood memory.

The Children’s Day was just passed, what present did you send to your children? To tell the truth, if parents think back their childhood, they will know that what present they send is not important. The best present is staying with the children, playing with them and making them grow up healthily and happily.



Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter keeps balance, achieves the dynamic detection and correction of the speed and changes  the scooter body by applying the build-in gyroscope system and intelligent chips. It is easy to learn to ride the electric self-balancing scooter, which brings distinctive riding experience for children.  In addition, it is also very energy-saving. It only consumes one kilowatt after riding for a few kilometers. By riding Airwheel electric scooter, children will have environmental awareness in young.
For children who are still in growing period, electric scooter is safer than bicycle. Because when choosing a bicycle, parents should consider about the height of the seat, the way they ride, the hardness of the tire and so on. An unsuitable bicycle will affect the physical development of children. But you don’t have to worry about such questions by riding Airwheel electric scooter. On the contrary, riding electric scooter is good for the children. It trains their balancing capacity and nervous reflectivity, making them more skillful and flexible. As they need to straighten their back when riding electric scooter, their humpback and scoliosis will be corrected.



Of course, for parents, the problem that they care most is the problem of safety. All models of Airwheel electric unicycle uses Sony lithium battery imported from Japan which can be recharged for 1,800 times. Its battery lifespan is 3.8 times longer than common lithium batteries but the service time is 2.9 times more than them. The danger of burn or explode never happens on it, which guarantees the safety of the electric scooter.

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