Haze Will Disappear after the Popularity of Airwheel Electric Scooter

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Abstract: As a kind of new green transport, intelligent self-balancing scooter attracts many attentions. As a member of this industry, Airwheel welcomes the era of intelligent self-balancing scooter with persistent endeavor. I hope you can stay with Airwheel electric scooter and help protect the environment.

Today, the technology keeps developing. The invention of self-balancing scooter is praised as “diachronic invention” by Jobs for its environment-friendly, small and portable features. Many people regard it as a good future transport.

Airwheel S5


At the early age of 2-wheeled electric scooter, it was expensive and restricted, which prevented it from being popularized in the individual market. But in recent years, with the development of technology, electric self-balancing scooter is not only widely applied in travel, exhibition, airport or public sector, but is also welcomed by young people. Among them, the most powerful dark horse is Airwheel, which occupies more than 60% of the market share.

Nowadays, the problem of traffic jam and haze is getting more and more serious. Airwheel’s idea of “Travel Smart, Travel Green” is supported by many environmentalists. The X series, Q series and S series of Airwheel all show the features of being small, handy, convenient, intelligent, efficient and low-carbon. At the same time, the core elite team of Airwheel always applies the most advanced technology and materials, in an effort to improve the product quality.

In the aspect of product quality, Airwheel works hard to become a global brand of electric self-balancing scooter. Therefore, every process is preciseness. In the choice of accessories, it won’t use poor quality materials to save cost. All models of Airwheel electric scooter are mounted with Cheng Shin tire and Sony lithium battery.

Airwheel Q3


In the aspect of safety, in consideration of the electric unicycle is only run in pavement, Airwheel sets speed restriction system in the built-in intelligent chip. If the electric unicycle over speeds, the pedals will rise and the scooter electric will alarm to warn the rider. Aside from the speed, Airwheel also monitors the tilting angle and dump residual electricity, which prevents the riders from accident.

Please join Airwheel to protect the environment together.


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