Airwheel Mars Rover Electric Unicycle—Miraculous Device for Dog-walkers

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Abstract: Some dog-walkers would like to choose Airwheel Mars Rover electric unicycle, which is a high-tech vehicle originating originated from America with a normal rated speed of around 10km/h and can travel 20km at most.   

Teddy Bear dog, American Eskimo Dog, Teacup poodle or Tibetan Mastiff, which one would you like? If you are a dog-lover and keep a dog, it is necessary to walk the dog every day.  

It is quite important for dogs to have outdoor activities whether they are young or old. Walking the dog can not only help the dog relieve the bowels, have some exercise but also enhance the immunity as the sun’s ultraviolet rays can kill the bacteria and parasites of the dog.

However, as dog walking becomes a daily routine, the original enthusiasm wanes day by day so how to keep this enthusiasm is a question facing the dog-lovers. Don’t worry and a magic device will help you.  

Some people choose a shovel so they don’t need to grab the dog’s excrement with paper and then put it into the plastic bag. Instead, it is very convenient to use the shovel to dig a small hole and then bury the excrement.

Some people choose Airwheel Mars Rover electric self-balance scooter to walk the dog. Its normal speed is approximately 10km/h and it is able to run about 20km after it is fully charged. The body is made of high-tech nano-materials so it has good resistance to abrasion and cannot be deformed. Made of silicon gel, its leg guard  pedals apply to ergonomics and perfectly fit the rider’s shanks in order to make the riding experience more comfortable. Also, it uses imported Sony lithium battery which has a long life and great driving power. Therefore, you can easily travel around with Airwheel electric scooter whether it is climbing the slope or running across the potholes.


Airwheel Mars Rover electric unicycle has a totally enclosed charging slot so that it is water resistant, electricity-proof and durable. Traveling across the streets with Airwheel intelligent scooter is such an eye-catching and fantastic experience. Compared with classy luxurious cars of sky-high price, Airwheel electric unicycle is definitely a premium product with affordable price for ordinary people and is quite fashionable.     

You don’t need to worry that the dog runs away quickly because Airwheel Mars Rover electric scooter can reach a speed of 18km/h at most and you are likely to win over the dog. 

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