Airwheel Revolutionary New Product A3 self-balancing scooter

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Abstract:Intelligent scooters have long been recognized as a commuting vehicle for short distance. Long-time riding might lead to fatigue. Airwheel intelligent scooter S3 is the perfect solution for such a problem.

On 18 June, Airwheel Technology launches its new intelligent self-balancing scooters, S5 and A3. A3 is a revolutionary product distinct from its previous ones.

Ergonomic design
S3 is designed with thorough consideration for human comfort. It is the first Airwheel product with a saddle. The saddle made of leather allows for extreme comfort. With such a saddle, you will never worry about riding fatigue. Meanwhile, riding an intelligent scooter for long trip has been made possible.

Airwheel A3


Protection mechanism
Airwheel A3 provides the multi-fold safety and intelligent protection. Speed control protection prevents the scooter from moving too fast. When the speed exceeds a safe range, the scooter will activate protection measure to prevent further acceleration. Low-battery protection forces you to slow down and stop the device. This prevents sudden blackout which might incur tumbling. When the tilting angle of the electric scooter reaches over 15°, the motor will stop working. The device gives warnings by flickering LED and beeping alert.

Technological systems
The new device adopts an original hydraulic suspension system. The system has been tested for over one million times. It responds to different road conditions acutely and leads to stable operation. The system has been specially customized for urban roads. But even on bumpy road, the hydraulic system guarantees a comfortable riding experience.
The electronic brake system is a new function installed. It is safer and more accurate than traditional mechanic brake.


An intelligent app has been developed to connect with A3. The app monitors the status of A3 self-balancing scooters in many respects. Users can download the app to your phone. It can provide real-time data like battery information, speed and mileage, running time, voltage and current, and posture control to ensure the scooter in best shape. The app can also track the scooter with an GPS. In case of  unaware displacement of scooter, it will give out warnings to users. The GPS also helps to locate lost scooter.

To sum up, A3 is a revolutionary product in the intelligent scooter family. A3 is expected to change our lifestyle.

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