Reduce the Risk in Riding after Dark — Essential Spare Parts of Airwheel Electric Unicycle

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Abstract: Nowadays working overtime has become a routine for the young workers so they have to travel after dark. Further, the potential dangers of the newly developed self-balancing scooter have been exposed. However, Airwheel electric unicycle reassures you about safety only with some small spare parts.     
Working overtime is common for most workers who usually go back home after dark and it is potentially dangerous for the people who ride electric self-balance unicycle on the road without pavement at night.

How to handle the situation to avoid the risks? Airwheel is here to help you.

Airwheel Q6


If you are interested in Airwheel one-wheeled electric scooter, you can visit Airwheel’s official website to find out more details about its caution lights such as pedal light and professional LED laser rear light, which are specially designed for those who travel after dark.

LED caution lights are made from super-light aluminum alloy which is durable and can be installed into the pedals of the electric unicycle. The pedal light has three modes namely lighting all the time, slowly shining and quickly shining, which can be seen from 20 meters far away. Powered by only 2 batteries, it has 270 degrees broad vision and enables the other rear vehicles to see you and then slow down or keep away from your scooter. Therefore, it can effectively safeguard the security of travelers.   

Airwheel X5


Featuring small size, unique button and easy installation, Airwheel LED laser rear light is another amazing magic. There are two different switches to control the modes of the laser rear light so that you can choose according to your own preferences and needs, making the travel at night secure and amazing.

Though the caution light is small and simple, it is very essential for the scooter electric, which guarantees travel safety at night. The brilliant lights make you glad and free you from fears at night.

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