My Airwheel One Wheel Electric Scooter X8

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Abstract: I am such a lazy-bone that I hate any trouble. But after seeing some geeks make electric skateboard by themselves, I got flipped unexpectedly. Since I have neither any technical background nor manual dexterity, I bought myself an Airwheel electric unicycle X8 after I searched online. I actually see no difference between my unicycle and the electric skateboard.

Lately, I saw online a geek refitted a skateboard into an electric skateboard for commuting to work. I admire such a technological genius. With such a portable device, commuting to and off work can be an enjoyable experience. Right off the metro and bus, we can ride it to work.  I actually see no difference between my unicycle and the electric skateboard.

Airwheel X8


To buy a perfect electric one wheel, I went to some retailing stores.  It suits me best. If you intend to buy one, I recommend you to have a test ride in a retailing store.

Since I bought my one-wheeled scooter, I seldom drive to work and I successfully saved much oil fee. But in some rainy days and in exceptional cases, I still drive my car. Being a lazy-bone for a long time, I am satisfied with such a change. I find driving no less relaxing than taking metro. Now I insist on the commuting mode of taking metro and then riding scooter for work. After getting off metro, I ride my self-balancing scooter across the distance between metro station and my company. This is a refreshing experience, since riding a unicycle is also a way of exercise as running and riding bikes.

Airwheel X8


On holidays, riding my X8 electric scooter outside is far more convenient than driving a car for lack of parking lots. If I drive a car, it might take dozens of minutes to find a parking space in a parking garage. If I go to some places within short distance, I prefer to ride my intelligent scooter. The device powered by electricity saves my labor compared to walking. I just carry it in my hand and there is no need for looking for parking space. If I go on a self-drive tour, it is inconvenient and unsafe to carry bikes on the car roof. But it is different for unicycles. The car trunk can store three to four X8. There should be no worry about space or being stolen. In terms for quality, my Airwheel X8 has never run into any serious problems yet.

In general, such a fancy electric unicycle saves my oil cost and my labor. It is an amazing creature for us lazy-bones. It is too wonderful for words.

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