Airwheel S5 Intelligent 2 Wheel Scooter Changes Everything

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Abstract: On June 18th, Airwheel wrapped up its 2015 new product release announcement and brought us two exciting products. S5 is one of them, which adopts all the advantages of S3 and develops its own shining points.

Nowadays, electric scooters that aim at commuters in the cities are huge in number and most active in the intelligent scooter industry. However, scooters directed against cross-country lovers can be less. While more and more people get familiar with the concept of intelligent scooter, the need of the higher functions is inevitable. S5 is such a product that satisfies the need of cross-country lovers.

2-wheeled electric scooter


What is the biggest improvement of Airwheel S5?
On the one hand, S5’s tougher look and smooth lines strengthen its functions. The foldable aluminum alloy control shaft makes it lighter, harder, more durable and stylish. Beside, S5 electric self-balancing scooter can own an outdoor light for illumination at night, which makes possible the cross-country sport at any time. On the other hand, S5 has stronger power and better stability. With regard to the battery, S5 employs 680 kWh Panasonic-made battery, which offers larger lasting power capacity and longer lifespan. Wheel hub is 495 mm in diameter, which provides S5 with a stronger land gripping ability.

Who should buy S5?
S5, as the exclusive SUV, is suitable for every group of people. After the upgrade and refinement, Airwheel S5 can be applied to all sectors and professions. No matter who uses it as a transport for daily life, or uses it for public security police, traffic police, and armed police and in airport, warehousing, logistics, S5 is a best choice. As it is very space-saving for its foldable shaft, one can bring it to anywhere, such as the office, the library, even his truck.

Airwheel S5


S5 cross-country two wheel self-balancing electric scooter is meticulous and untrammelled, which brings a more comfortable and powerful riding experience to every scooter lover. If S3 is designed for city transport, S5 is the product that liberates people in a more eco-friendly and fashionable way. A brand-new era and a promising future are waiting for Airwheel S5.

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