Airwheel Self-Balancing A3 scooter with seat Offers a Beautiful and Relaxing Travel

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Abstract: The development of science and technology aims at serving the people. Airwheel is always trying hard to produce user-friendly scooters. Then, Airwheel self-balancing A3 comes into being and it is quite popular since it appeared on the stage of new produce release conference.

The development of science and technology roots from human, while it aims at serving the people. Every piece of Airwheel product is full of humanity, because Airwheel is always trying hard to produce user-friendly scooters.

Airwheel A3 electric scooter is one of leading roles on the stage of 2015 Airwheel new product release conference. The most obvious breakthrough lies in the sitting-posture riding mode, which makes long-distance trip possible. After all, people will be fatigued after a long-time standing-posture riding. During the riding process, Airwheel self-balancing A3 is controlled by hands, feet and hip together. Besides, it adopts steeling-wheel control mode, which paves the way for changing the direction easily. A3 is also equipped with leather saddle and thus offers comfortable riding.

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Now that Airwheel self-balancing A3 adopts sitting-posture riding mode, damping should be dealt with properly. Traditional standing-posture self-balancing scooter is based on tyres and materials to realize the shock-absorbing goal. However, Airwheel A3 also adopts hydraulic spring damping and the solidity of spring is adjustable.

In addition, the more attractive innovation is the intelligent APP, whose main purpose is to give riders more convenient riding experience. Such an APP is like a bridge between Airwheel A3 and the phone. That is to say, users can get to know the real-time information of scooter just via the phone, such as mileage, current speed or remaining electric quantity. Meanwhile, controlling the lighting lamps, locking and calibrating scooter also can be realized by the APP.

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Comparatively speaking, Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter distributors A3 provides more comfortable sitting-posture riding mode, much longer riding distance and more relaxing riding mood. A3 opens a good beginning for A-series.

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