Airwheel Intelligent Standing Electric Scooter: New Balance of Human, City and Transportation

  • Source:Airwheel

Abstract: Recently, as the traffic condition and the ecological environment in the city worsens, some problems like haze and road rage happen more frequently.

Under this circumstance, intelligent scooter has been brought into people’s life as an eco-friendly and convenient vehicle, which has been recognized and accepted by most of the people.

Recently, with the deterioration of traffic condition and urban ecology, environmental problems such as haze, road rage and sand storm happen more frequently. In this case, the intelligent scooter that meets the requirement of the current era has been increasingly recognized and accepted by most of the people.  Mr. Zuo Guogang, president of Airwheel Standing Electric Scooter, believes that this vehicle is bound to make a difference to the city in that it will render people’s travelling healthier, more comfortable and safer.

X3 one wheel electric scooter


 If widely used in the city, the ecological environment will definitely become more harmonious and healthier. Apart from adopting Sony lithium-ion batteries that is safe in quality and steady in performance, it only consumes 1 to 2 kWh per hundred miles through proper technological design.

Besides, via the intelligent chip inside the scooter, riders are able to monitor all the data during the ride and make any required adjustment if necessary. When the real-time speed surpasses the safe level, the vehicle will remind the riders by raising the board and ringing an alarm.

X8 electric bike motor


Since the electric scooter riding looks so cool and dashing, more and more urbanites are attracted to pay attention to the concept of green travel, making this new way of transportation the best choice for people to improve the life quality and contribute to the environmental protection. Thus, it is safe to say Airwheel electric scooter generates a new balance between human, city and transportation.

For the sake of a better life, Airwheel will constantly explore and develop more high-quality razor scooters for consumers. 

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