Would Airwheel Intelligent Electric Scooter Add some Interesting Application in the Future?

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Abstract: Doing well in saving energy and protecting environment, Airwheel intelligent electric scooter has enjoyed great popularity among scooter users. With the high-technology development, what kind of changes would happen to Airwheel?


Popular among scooter users both at home and abroad, Airwheel intelligent electric scooter has becomes a synonym for fashion and high-technology. Keeping up with the high-technology development, Airwheel focuses on technological research and design innovation, striving for further development in scooter sector. Just imagine what kind of application would be added to Airwheel scooter in the future?

Would Airwheel Intelligent Electric Scooter Add some Interesting Application in the Future?

Firstly, the solar panel for charging is a suitable one for Airwheel. Beyond all question, solar energy is one of the most environmental-friendly energy in the world. If Airwheel adopting a solar panel, it would become the completely environmental-protecting traffic means. However, different from lithium battery, polar panel needs to be installed in the external, which brings about a big problem for Airwheel designers. Although performing outstanding in short-distance trip, Airwheel still have some problems in long-distance trip. If adopting a solar panel for charging in the future, Airwheel would realize endless voyage. It would not be a dream any more that to do super long journey by riding Airwheel.


Secondly, super lithium battery is what customer needs. This battery could not only offer power to the scooter, but also be used as a charge pal to charge the cell phone, mp3 and other electric devices while running. Considering the customer requirements, Airwheel applies itself to researching the lithium battery. If super lithium battery is successfully invented in the future, Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter would provide users with a more convenient service.


Last but not least, sun shield may be the most demanding thing while riding the Airwheel in the hot summer. Riding in the summer, users could enjoys the great feeling of crossing the wind. Specially, female users attach great attention to their skin. If the sun shield could be adopted by Airwheel electric scooter, the users would not worry about skin getting burnt.


High-technology benefits mankind. Airwheel would keep in step with the technology and fashion and roll out new products which is loved by scooter users in the future.

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