How Airwheel Stands Out from the Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter Product Competition

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Abstract: After the full development and hard exploration in recent years, the intelligent scooter has experienced a great progress. Many new scooter brands rises in response to the proper time and conditions. However, the situation that all flowers bloom together has contributed to the product competition. How to survive becomes a challenge for scooter producer. For Airwheel, it goes ahead steadily and surely, successfully wining the users' trust by launching high quality products.


Compared with other traffic traditional means, such as the car, the bus and the underground, the scooter is more fashionable and suitable for the youths. As the result of high-tech development, intelligent self-balancing scooter enjoys great popularity among young people since its emergence. However, with the increase of scooter companies, the competition among different scooter companies is fiercer and fiercer. 

How Airwheel Stands Out from the Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter Product Competition

When choosing a scooter, the buyer always has to face many different scooters which are similar in structure but different in color, so they could not decide which one to buy. How to stands out from the scooter competition has become a problem demanding prompt solution for those scooter companies. As the leading enterprise in scooter sector, Airwheel comes up with a variety of strategies to deal with this problem.


First and foremost, according to its own circumstance, Airwheel develops and highlights its characteristics while producing the electric scooter. Based on in-depth understanding of consumers’ requirements, Airwheel launches the most suitable product for the users. To well know the real-time scooter market, Airwheel often holds colorful activities in high education area, business area and many exhibitions. Keeping in touch with the customers all the time, Airwheel concentrates on market observation and statistical analysis of research data. Hence, Airwheel would take customers’ opinion in to consideration to develop better products while designing new scooters.

S3 Airwheel 2-wheeled intelligent scooter

What’s more, Airwheel pays great attention to product design both in external appearance and internal technology. It highly values every segment of productive process. On the basis of high -technology and the most advanced materials, the core team of Airwheel makes continual improvement and endows each model of Airwheel intelligent electric scooter with best quality. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "striving for perfection", Airwheel always aims at providing best intelligent scooter for the users.

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