Airwheel Two-wheeled Electric Scooter Makes the Trip Full of Wonderful Music

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Abstract:In the hot sweaty summer, commute trip has become a kind of torture for many people. If the journey was embellished by wonderful music, would it be more enjoyable and colorful? Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S3 would full people’s desire of listening to the music while riding, making the trip interesting and fashionable.


No matter it is daily commute trip or a long-time going out, people always feel dull and boring while riding on the road. Instead of regarding the trip as a kind of relax, more people see it as the torture to ride in these hot summer days. In view of this, Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S3 would become the best choice for those people to change their opinion of the urban trips. Added the ability to play music, S3 satisfies user’s needs of listening to the music during the trip, turning the unimaginative trip to a kind of entertainment and enjoyment.

Airwheel Two-wheeled Electric Scooter Makes the Trip Full of Wonderful Music

Hinging on Airwheel S3 outstanding external appearance design, it is warmly welcomed by the scooter fans once launched. 1288 mm high, 613 mm long and 587mm wide, Airwheel S3 weighs almost 22.4kg. Equipped with 14-inch tires, it could carry loads up to 120kg. The elegant aerodynamic white body is embellished with blue color, making S3 more energetic and fashionable. The handle grip is made of light gray silica gel, which feels good in holding and durable in using.


Adopting a large viewing screen, Airwheel self-balancing scooter would provide electric quantity, speed, temperature and other information on the screen for the rider, greatly facilitating the users’ daily trip. Specially, S5 is equipped with high-fidelity audio equipment inside, which could connect with mobile phone and display the music in it. Thanks to high-tech media-playing device, rider would enjoy the fantastic broadcasting a lot. When the journey is vivified by the wonderful music, is it much more interesting and relaxing than before?

S3 two-wheeled intelligent scooter

Besides, Airwheel s3 is the first one which uses headlamp and stoplight, offering safe guarantee to the users. When running on the road, S3 could warn the vehicles ahead and backward automatically by light signals. In the meanwhile, the light highlights the rider among crowded street, making them showy and unique.

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