Airwheel 2015 New self-balancing scooter with seat A3: Stay Away from Carsickness

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Abstract: In modern world, cars are undoubtedly a significant invention of human beings. However, not everyone is comfortable with driving cars or even sitting in one. Some people are diagnosed with carsickness.

Yet it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy comfortable and fast rides. Instead of cars, they may as well have the new generation of transport–Airwheel self-balancing scooter.

In modern times, cars are without any doubt one of the most significant inventions of human beings. Nevertheless, not everyone feels comfortable with driving cars or even being a passenger of cars. Some of the people are just carsick so they may vomit, feel dizzy or have nausea. Sitting in the car may be a terrible suffering for them. However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy a comfortable and fast ride then.

two wheel self-balancing electric scooter A3


Instead of staying in a cubicle-size vehicle, riders can breathe fresh air outside and let go of the carsickness. Airwheel provides riders with two kinds of electric scooters that are designed with different riding modes, the standing-posture riding mode and the sitting-posture riding mode. If riders would like to have a more comfortable ride, they can choose the Airwheel A3, which is mounted with leather-made saddle. Just like the car, Airwheel intelligent scooter A3 also has a steering handle for riders to control the vehicle. Riders are able to sit on the saddle comfortably while enjoying the beautiful views on the road.

A3 electric airwheel


Apart from that, the Airwheel electric scooter can also meet the requirement on speed. Generally, it can reach up to 18 km/h, which is fast enough for users to travel through the city. Plus, it is powered by electricity, which won’t generate any air pollution. In the aspect, it has outperformed the cars.

Rather than cars, Airwheel self-balancing scooter with seat is a great transport for people, especially those who have carsickness. Let go of carsickness and enjoy a free ride then.

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