Appreciate the Future Technology with Airwheel Electric Scooter A3

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Abstract: Although electric scooter is well favored by the young, its application is substantially limited in that it still can’t satisfy people’s need of transportation. Yet Airwheel electric scooter A3 emerges as a solution for this shortcoming, which can be used for long-distance trips.

With the constant development of technology, vehicles for transportation have been upgraded nonstop. Since electric scooter showed up in the market, it has been well received by the young fashionistas. The past few years saw the rapid development of the electric scooter. However, the application of the traditional one is rather limited. Generally, it is used for short trip and work commutation, which can’t meet the requirement of long distance travelling.  
Now, the emergence of Airwheel self-balancing scooter A3 has altered the condition of the original one, ushering the industry into a new level. With the help of A3, this new type of vehicle is likely to become a universal vehicle, just like electromobiles and bicycles. 


Appreciate the Future Technology with Airwheel Electric Scooter A3

Unlike the traditional standing-posture riding mode, the intelligent scooter A3 is mounted with a leather-made saddle, with which the riders don’t have to keep standing while riding. Thanks to this improvement, riders can feel at ease even if they are having a long-distance ride, thereby enabling the new electric scooter to enter the mass market. 
Another highlight of A3 lies in its groundbreaking electronic brake system. It is the first time that Airwheel has added the system into the design of the electric scooter, which clears most of the users’ concern over the safety of the vehicle. With this new brake system, the vehicle is stopped via electronic control rather than mechanical driving, preventing the accident from happening due to maloperation. 



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As a brand new model, A3 has gone through a lot of refinements based on the inheritance of old elements. Consistent with human’s regular mindset and operational manner, A3 is equipped with a steering wheel and hydraulic suspension, which greatly improves the stability of the vehicle and renders the ride more comfortable.   
Airwheel always puts itself in the users’ shoes and takes every detail into consideration. The essence of technology is to bring people a more convenient life. With Airwheel A3, users are able to appreciate the beauty of future technology and the comfort of life.

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