How to Improve the Living Conditions on the Earth?

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Abstract: Recently, NASA has released a piece of news that they had found another planet suitable for human beings to live on. Human has strived for thousands of years to fond out another planet for the later generations. Meanwhile, we have never stopped to improve the living conditions on the earth. 

Recently, NASA has released a piece of news that they had succeeded to find out another planet for later generations. While according to the initial evaluation, it will probably take hundreds of years for human beings to move to that planet. So the improvement of our living conditions on the earth shall never be stopped. To find out a more environment friendly and convenient transportation tool is still a big problem for human beings living on the earth.

The advent of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is a big step for human beings towards a better living environment. 


How to Improve the Living Conditions on the Earth?


Low carbon and environment friendly travelling tool
Airwheel is born for low-carbon and environment friendly traveling. The Airwheel scooter is motivated completely by electricity without any air pollution released. It will take just about 2 kilowatts/hour for one-hundred-kilometer travelling distance. There was some analysis showing that Airwheel scooter is more environment friendly than bicycle. So the best way to protect the earth in our daily life is to keep an Airwheel intelligent scooter your companion from now on. 

Magnetic levitation motor reduces the traffic noises for a large scale
Noise pollution has become more and more terrible recently. This is also a sharp edge for Airwheel scooters compared with conventional transportation tools. Airwheel scooters have been integrated with magnetic motors to reduce the noise as much as possible during the riding process. The utilization of magnetic power has not only avoided the consumption of bearings but also made the scooter driving even quieter than walking. 


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High-tech self-balancing and gravity-controlling system
Driving safety is another big issue related with air pollution and noise pollution. Airwhweel electric self-balancing unicycles have been integrated with gyroscope system and self-balancing sensor to adjust and control the gravity change during the riding process. In another word, any gravity change will be monitored and controlled by Airwheel to ensure users’ driving safety. 

Compared with imagining a new living way on anther planet, it is more effective to start from now on to protect the earth with Airwheel. 

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