Airwheel Electric Unicycle: My Wheel, My Will

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Abstract: As time goes by, a lot of tremendous changes have taken place in the world. Currently, rather than four wheels, only one wheel will be able to get people to the destination desired. With some simple body movements, riders of Airwheel electric unicycle are able to travel at their will under any circumstances.


The wheel of history rolls forward with an irresistible force, during which a lot of substantial changes have taken place in many aspects, like transportation. It is no longer necessary for people to have a four-wheeled vehicle or two-wheeled vehicle as transport. Instead, with only one wheel, they can still get to their destinations. There is no limit on the age or body shape. As long as the users are healthy, they will be able to steer such a new generation of intelligent vehicle. Under any circumstances, they will travel at a brisk pace on the road. And the vehicle referred herein would be the leading product within the industry–Airwheel electric unicycle.

Airwheel Electric Unicycle: My Wheel, My Will

So far, as the leader in the intelligent scooter industry, Airwheel has an elite team that is made up of the best engineers and designers. Founded in 2009, the Airwheel core team has tackled four major problems in terms of range, thermal dissipation, safety and cost through four years’ hard work so as to provide consumers with the best scooter. Now, its electric unicycle is able to reach a range of up to 23 km with the maximum speed of 18 km per hour. On that account, riders can just get around in the city with only one wheel then. Plus, safety of the riders is well guaranteed. Due to the intelligent chip built inside, the vehicle will offer the riders three protections including speed limit protection, low battery protection and tilting protection. For example, when the user rides at too high a speed, the vehicle will ring an alarm as a warning for the rider to require slowing down for the sake of safety issue.


Nowadays, with only one wheel, as in Airwheel single-wheeled scooter, people can get to any destination around the city at will. They are able to follow their will and take a free ride. 

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