Airwheel Self-balancing Scooter A3: Simple and Yet Marvelous

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Abstract: There is an old axiom that simpler is better, which fairly describes the essence of marvel actually lies in simplicity to some degree. And that is also what Airwheel is pursuing. For such a long time, Airwheel is dedicated to creating simple and yet marvelous transports for consumers so as to provide them with the best riding experience. 

As an old axiom says, simpler is better. That is, being simple may result in an unexpected result. Airwheel is also a believer of this faith. Since its foundation, it has been always dedicated to creating simple and yet marvelous products for consumers that are able to provide them with the best riding experience. And it has succeeded in developing such products like Airwheel self-balancing scooter A3. 


Airwheel Self-balancing Scooter A3: Simple and Yet Marvelous


Emerging as a new generation of Airwheel sitting posture scooter, A3 is without a doubt regarded simple and yet marvelous in the aspects of exterior and design philosophy. In terms of exterior, A3 doesn’t adopt any jazzy colors or fancy decorating gadgets. Instead, it is designed with extremely simple geometric figures, which leaves a stunningly unforgettable impression on consumers. It is mainly colored with white, silver and orange. The refined mixture of these colors creates a sense of simplicity and yet delicacy, doubtless adding more enchantment to the vehicle.


airwheel intelligent sitting posture scooter


Apart from that, the design philosophy of Airwheel two-wheeled scooter A3 is also worth mentioning. As is known to all, A3 is a groundbreaking innovation and refinement of Airwheel models, which is just based on the theory that Airwheel wants to provide more convenient transports for consumers. And this theory has been put into practice. In order to alter the stereotype of electric scooter as a transport only for short trips, Airwheel has extended the range of A3 to 48 km with more efforts on technological innovation, enabling riders to take a trip for longer distance. In addition, having taken in consideration the other potential problem–fatigue from long-distance travel, Airwheel transformed the traditional riding mode of electric scooter into a new one with a comfortable saddle for riders. While riding the electric scooter, riders don’t have to keep standing anymore. 

Airwheel has never forgotten and will keep practicing the initial intention of the enterprise–offering consumers the best transport that is simple and yet marvelous. 

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