Airwheel Intelligent self-balancing scooters - the Most Portable Transport Ever

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Abstract: When it comes to transport, which one do people come up with first, bus, subway or bike? Some people may choose bike, because it is not only a way of locomotion, but also can be an entertainment or a way of working out. However, there is one more compact, eco-friendly and intelligent than all above. That’s Airwheel electric scooter. 

A large number of people think that bike is a perfect transport, for it is not only compact and agile, which could be a transport of going on and off duty, but also a way of working out, which consumes a lot of calories. However, there is one more portable, eco-friendly and intelligent than cycling. That’s Airwheel electric scooter.


Airwheel Intelligent scooters - the Most Portable Transport Ever


The release of Airwheel self-balancing scooter is about to solve the commuters’ problem of going on and off duty. Some people live a couple of miles away from their companies, so if driving to work, they have to take traffic congestion, parking fee and air pollution into consideration. If taking bus or subway, there will always be certain distance between stations and working places that can’t be avoided. Before the appearance of Airwheel, they may choose to ride a bike. However, cycling in summer is too fatiguing and energy exhausting, which makes it not an ideal choice. At this time, Airwheel electric scooter settles the matter. It is your best choice for a medium or short distance, which makes your trip more convenient. 


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Riding a bike or an electric bike cause a headachy problem—where to park it? It is difficult to find a park lot in some place and the serious theft situation makes people worry about the security of their beloved bike. Airwheel changes everything. Portability means one don’t need to find a parking lot for it; portability means one could even go anywhere with it in your trunk; portability means one could takes it on bus, subway, train or office. Therefore, Airwheel intelligent scooter facilitates one’s life and is the best choice of going on and off duty. 

Airwheel self balance electric unicycle has a better performance than any traditional transport, which is intelligent, compact, portable, energy saving and eco-friendly. The future of Airwheel intelligent scooter is bright. Let’s choose Airwheel!

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