Airwheel Intelligent two-wheeled scooter A3 Drives Away Fatigue

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Abstract: It has been quite a while the since electric scooter showed up in the public limelight. However, generally, most of the electric scooters are designed with standing-posture riding mode, which may make riders rather tired from a long ride. In order to solve this problem, Airwheel has launched a new transport that can drive away fatigue of riders–Airwheel intelligent scooter A3.

It has been some time since the electric scooter came to the focus of the public. Generally, most electric scooters are designed with standing-posture riding mode. In other words, riders have to keep standing on the vehicle, which may easily result in fatigue. In order to tackle this problem, Airwheel has rolled out the first member of its A-series–Airwheel self-balancing scooter A3.


Airwheel Intelligent Scooter A3 Drives Away Fatigue 


A3 features its unique sitting-posture riding mode, which helps drive away fatigue for the riders. As the significant breakthrough of A3, the V-shape saddle, made of leather, is able to offer riders the most comfortable riding experience. Moreover, under the saddle is the hydraulic suspension that has the ability to abate the impact and vibration during the ride. With the help of this setting, riders can negotiate various terrains comfortably no matter how winding or rocky the road is. Apart from that, to further satisfy the needs of riders, Airwheel has extended the range of A3 to 48 km by technology advancement. Furthermore, since the riders won’t feel fatigued from riding anymore, they can actually have a long-distance trip with the transport, which marks another breakthrough of Airwheel self-balancing scooter


intelliteng sitting-posture scooter


Some people may worry about A3 may run out of power unexpectedly. However, this won’t be a concern in the near future. These days, Tesla has been considering the technology of battery storage. It’s very likely that the home power storage and the wall-mounted battery pack will be widespread quite soon. And people may be able to have their electric scooter recharged by the road where there is power supply. Undoubtedly, A3 is a promising transport around the globe.

The industry of electric scooter remains to be further developed. And the emergence of A3 has unveiled a new chapter of it by driving away fatigue for riders and offering them more comfortable riding experience.

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