Dance with Airwheel razor personal transporter Electric Unicycle

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Abstract: There are always some dancers for a singer. The song would be more pleasing to the ear if there are songs played with it. With such an amazing scooter a showing scooter, the celebration can make a great success.

In this year, on the opening celebration of international electric airwheel devices exhibition, there was a show that is very impressive. At the beginning of the show, there is nothing special. Just some beauties and boys dancing to the music. They wear the traditional national costume and dance the national dance. After they dance one chapter of the famous Cancan dance. The light of the stage turn into another atmosphere. 


S5 Airwheel razor personal transporter Electric Unicycle


The beat of the music begin to speed up, and with the energetic disco music, there came 5 scooters which form a certain pattern. These five scooter are all newest S5 scooter which is the SUV of the scooter. Then the riders control the scooter with handle and the scooter shines like breathing, rhymed and well-paced. From a whole, the just look like dance with the music and constantly change their formation. The show are warmly welcomed by the audience.

The director of the celebration told the reporter that this idea is the light spot of the celebration. They just took Airwheel S5 as the show scooter. That is because the Airwheel S5 self-balancing scooter is an upgraded and refined version, which is also really excellent one in the product series. What make S5 such a special one? There are many answers. This new scooter is equipped with a more potent power pack which can ensure long time power to support the amazing range of Airwheel self-balancing scooter. 


intelligent self-balancing two-wheel scooter Airwheel S5


The battery of power is SONY battery that specialized for Tesla mobile and imported with original package. What is more, S5 is the king of cross-country activities mainly because that there are two larger wheel hub equipped on it. The larger wheel hub can make the scooter an excellent cross-country power. Larger hub would be matched by wider tyre. S5 electric wheeler is equipped with Cheng Shin tyre which is of well-designed tread groove that can ensure better grip. All these design can make our customer a more stable and excellent experience.

With such an amazing scooter a showing scooter, the celebration can make a great success.

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