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Welcome to the Eco Friendly Transport revolution. The AirWheel is here, and it is here to stay.


The single wheel electric scooter is an exciting new mode of transport that anyone can use. With a variety of models and specifications, the AirWheel both looks fantastic and is super practical.


Of course, with the varying specification models, the weights do vary and it is important to select the model that will best fit your necessities and lifestyle. But whether you want the AirWheel to commute daily to and from work, or just to pop to the local shops. There is an AirWheel model for you.


The AirWheel has been around now for just a couple of years. It is extremely exciting new technology that develops from the incredible SegWay concept of Gyroscopic transportation.


It is fair to say that the AirWheel is so very different to anything else even close in the transportation market. Small and portable, yet incredibly practical with some of the units capable of achieving close to 30 miles on a single battery charge!


The biggest obstacle has been communicating this exciting new product to the market. Slowly people are starting to recognise it and realise that anyone and everyone can ride them! A large part of this has been the help of YouTube!


The product specs are available here:


We have been fortunate to see so much support for AirWheel. People relate to the product. ITV even did a recent documentary on the future of transport. Needless to say, Airwheel was a big feature of that. Eco-friendly alternatives are essential for our communities to move forward.


We are developing the models, further distance capabilities, lighter weight units and more exciting technology investment to be unveiled in the near future!


The AirWheel literally runs on a charged battery. No emissions, no use of petrol / diesel. We are continuing to improve the efficiency, but the eco-friendly feel will always remain a priority for us.


Eco Friendly alternatives and solutions are becoming essential.



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