An Airwheel Electric Scooter Could Be a Good Choice for Children’s Birthday

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Abstract: Henry and his wife had the habit of preparing a birthday present for their son-Jack and the birthday party was held every year. 

Henry, father of 9-year-old boy, was frustrated in recent days not knowing what to purchase for his son whose 10-year-old birthday was approaching. When his son-Jack was celebrating his 3-year-old birthday, Henry and his wife bought their son a tiny-sized guitar with the hope that Jack could turn out to a famed musician when he grew up. At Jack’s 6-year-old birthday, they bought him a bicycle so that Jack could learn how to deal with difficulties he met and at the same time go anywhere he preferred as he willed. 

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Year by year, Jack’s birthday party was never drained of surprises from his parents, especially for the sake of their beloved son. Yet unfortunately, however hard they tried, there would be one day that they might run out of ideas. And this year was the time.  

She mentioned two advantages of the Airwheel intelligent scooter to convince his husband. Differing from a model car as Henry suggested beforehand, she thought a scooter was something that their 10-year-old son could really try in person. While a scooter had no requirement for one’s age, Jack could have the chance to experience how it felt to fly to some degree. A scooter was the kind of vehicle which could reach its highest speed of about 17km/h. 

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In addition, it was not hard to learn especially when their son had learned how to keep his balance on a bicycle since he was 6 years old. Consequently, it would be no more than several minutes for him to learn how to control and ride an Airwheel self-balancing scooter well. Finally Henry agreed with his wife on the choice of a present for Jack. 

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