Airwheel A3 Improves Greatly the Usability and Practicality of Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter

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Abstract: Some people complain that traditional intelligent self-balancing scooters are only fit for short-distance commuting. If the traditional intelligent scooters could not meet the demands, now Airwheel two-wheeled scooter A3 might offer a new choice. A brand-new riding mode greatly enhances the usability and practicality.

Electric self-balancing scooter brands spring up in the market. The different styles and qualities make it difficult to choose a desirable and suitable intelligent scooter. There are no industrial standards now for the industry and fake brands raid the market, which have done damage to the reputation of intelligent self-balancing scooters. Many potential customers take a wait-and-see attitude as for where the industry will head to. 

Airwheel A3, self-balancing scooters

For office workers, they long for an electric scooter, which could support long-distance riding, instead of five miles’ short commuting. Many young employees live far from their companies. Regular electric self-balancing scooters could not meet their demands of getting around. The invention of Airwheel A3 will make up for the disadvantage of intelligent self-balancing scooters. Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent self-balancing scooter is a pioneering piece of work in the area of long-distance commuting. The stylish design and practical functions make commuting more intelligent and fashionable. 

Airwheel A3, electric self-balancing scooter

Integrated with new designing concept, the recently released Airwheel two-wheeled scooter A3 is presented as an innovative product. A3 is introduced with a leather saddle, for the first time in the Airwheel history. The saddle enables a sitting-posture riding mode which will significantly relieve riding fatigue. Riding intelligent scooters could be a more comfortable and labor-saving thing to do. The new design will push electric scooters to the mainstream consuming market as electromobiles and bikes. It will change the stereotype of intelligent self-balancing scooters.

People only need to push the braking button to stop the vehicle instead of leaning backward to stop. An APP is customized for users to locate and calibrate the vehicle. Airwheel intelligent A3 intends to deliver the most pleasing riding experience for its users.


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