Airwheel Intelligent Scooter A3 Gives Your Life More Passion

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Abstract: Airwheel released electric scooter A3 on 2015 new product release announcement. With the pristine design and riding experience, A3 will certainly pass every scooter lover a new life.

This innovated notion completely changes the stereotype of electric scooters and brings Airwheel to the mainstream market.
One could sit on the saddle with his or her foot and hands at ease. Even though he rides for a good time, he or she will never feel exhausted. Before, owning to the large-scale acceptance of standing-posture riding mode, users are always drained after a long-distance trip. This breakthrough totally changes the stereotype of the electric scooters and help Airwheel intelligent scoter A3 to attract more attention.

Airwheel A3, razor scooter electric

Apart from the comfort level, safety is another aspect that people consider most. The electronic brake system helps to erase the concerns. After the bottom of brake being pressed, Airwheel A3 could response within 0.5 second, which limited the stopping distance within 50 centimeters, which ensures the users’ safety. 

To provide the best riding experience, Airwheel intelligent scooter develops a personalized APP for A series to overseer the statistics, control the scooter’s current situation and adjust the look. After installing the APP on the smartphone, one could turn on the lights, lock and unlock A3, check the real-time date like speed and mileage and so on.

Airwheel A3, air wheel uk

The advantage of electric scooter is its portability and flexibility. However, many people have the same question that after adding a saddle, will A3 become burdensome and space consuming? The answer is no. The foldable pedal design and stainless steel material makes Airwheel A3 only occupy a small space, so one could certainly put it in his or her office and even the trunk.
A3 is of momentous importance, which indicates that a new era for intelligent scooter is coming. Let’s choose Airwheel A3 electric self-balancing scooter!

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