Experience the Speed and Passion from Riding Airwheel Electric Self-balancing Scooter

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Abstract: Due to the protection mechanism, riders will not surpass the limit speed when riding with Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter; however, riders can still feel the speed and passion through the marvelous quality and performance of Airwheel riding. 

Enjoy the speed from riding is truly an enjoyment for many Airwheel riders, and speedy riding reflects the pursuit of passion and excitement. And this pleasure can be experienced through riding Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter

Although Airwheel riders are faced with the limit speed of 18km/h, they can still enjoy the feeling of speedy riding due to the unique format of riding Airwheel electric scooter. Unlike traditional electric scooter without protection mechanism for limit speed, riders are very likely to surpass the limit speed or ride at a large speed, which may lead to terrible catastrophes. There is a saying in English: “More haste, less speed”. And this is particularly true when riders put themselves in extreme dangers when they ride at an unreasonable large speed.

Airwheel X8, intelligent electric unicycle

Actually, the real speedy riding is not riding crazily, instead, it is a kind of safe riding that achieve the largest speed on premise of keeping safe. And this is particular true with riding Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter, and riders can enjoy the speedy riding with the guarantee of riding safety. 

With more and more accidents caused by riding at large speed, the safety is the first and foremost in terms of riding with Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter. Riders can enjoy different riding formats with Airwheel single-wheeled or twin-wheeled electric scooter, and experience different speedy riding formats. The speedy riding on Airwheel single-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter is trilling and challenging while the speedy riding with Airwheel two-wheeled electric scooter is easier and more comfortable. 

Airwheel S3, 2 wheel self-balancing scooter

In order to provide speedy riding experience, Airwheel electric scooter is well equipped with protection mechanism that makes speedy riding safe and carefree, and riders can totally enjoy the speedy scooter riding without anxiety of safety issues. And due to the excellent battery performance, Airwheel electric scooter can both provide riding safe and thrilling riding experience. 

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