How to be a successful supervisor? Airwheel Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter May Give the Answer

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Abstract: Now the quantity of purchasing orders are increasing. This supervisor was praised as the Advanced Individual of the Year. Believe it or not, his special equipment is an Airwheel intelligent Scooter.

Jeremy has worked as a supervisor in a pesticide plant for two years. Insecticide workshop, herbicide workshop, filling and packing workshop, and warehouse are all his working areas. The plant covered a huge area. Naturally, the working load is quite heavy for him.  

Airwheel Q3

At the beginning, Jeremy’s work didn’t go smoothly. Quality problems happened again and again. The boss severely reprimanded Jeremy’s mistake and neglect of duty. But Jeremy felt innocent, he complained the salary and welfare treatment were not so good. As a result, workers were not so positive and sometimes they ignored the management rules. That was one of the main reasons which result in poor management. As for his duty, Jeremy thought he was also responsible for this. However he found only when he was at the spot, the workers would be serious and do their best.

Airwheel X8

By pure chance, Jeremy saw Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter from an advertisement. He thought it could be used in his work as it moved much faster and flexibly than walking, and it could help him supervise the team every day. His boss agreed to equip a one-wheeled electric scooter. Then Jeremy rode it moving among every workshops. He could only inspected one place twice a day before, but now, five times a day! More supervision and inspections helped him correct many mistakes in production and the quality was improved a lot. Gradually, workers began to have pressure from Jeremy. 
The boss was amazed by Jeremy’s working efficiency. Besides praising Jeremy, he equipped every workshop manager with an Airwheel self-balancing scooter. Now, manager riding Airwheel scooter in the plant becomes a beautiful landscape.

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