Kiss the Sunshine with Airwheel S5 Two-wheeled Intelligent Scooters.

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Abstract: It’s not easy to walk a long distance to the destinations. So people choose the iron boxes—cars, metro or buses to help themselves cover the long distance. But in these iron boxes, people lose the chance the touch the most beautiful thing in the world—sunshine.

Nowadays, it’s easy to drive cars or take buses to the destinations. But people in those iron boxes will miss the most valuable thing in the world—the sunshine. Working in the large building or studying in the lectures halls will leave people a little time to make close contact with the sun. So in the leisure time, people usually make some plans and head out with their friends for some fun.

Airwheel S5, 2 wheel self-balancing scooter

Of course, driving cars may be the fastest way for traveling, but in these iron boxes people missed both the sunshine and the beautiful sights on the road sides. So how to enjoy the time on the road? Just ride Airwheel S5 two-wheeled self-balancing scooters.

Airwheel S5, intelligent self-balancing scooter

Airwheel S5 two-wheeled intelligent scooters are the vehicles developed to cover middle-long distance travel in Airwheel family. As the newest model in Airwheel S series intelligent scooters, Airwheel S5 has the most powerful motor and power bank in Airwheel family. The battery cores of Airwheel S5 are improved to 680 Wh. And the motors of S5 have been improved to 1800 w. The strong performances of Airwheel S5 enable riders to cover the travel distances as long as 68 km with the burden of 120 kg. So for middle distance travel people need no more cars or buses. Most importantly, the S5 are designed with the ideas that riders should feel the gentle wind and sunshine directly rather than being trapped in the boxes.

Airwheel S5

The strong motor and battery cores and other vehicle units, together with the reasonable design of the whole structure, offer riders the amazing performances. Airwheel S5 scooter electric brings the beautiful nature to people.

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