The “Mad and Stupid” Enterprise—Airwheel, and Its Intelligent Self-balancing Scooters

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Abstract: As a “mad and stupid” enterprise, Airwheel has won great successes with it’s products.

Airwheel has always been thought as a “mad and stupid” enterprise because of its aim of changing the city traffic and the high price-performances ratio of its products. For years, it has been working hard to overturn the intelligent scooter industry because it believes that the intelligent scooters are invented to be the public vehicles, which will change the city traffic. With such purposes, it has produced many high price-performance ratio products, which make people wonder how Airwheel can make profits with these intelligent scooters.

Airwheel X8

The materials and special design of the tyre threads improve the track adhesion of the tyres on the slippery ground, which improves the stability and smoothness of the vehicles while running. The intelligent CPU are develop with the advanced micro structure and features, which enable themselves to process data quickly and accurately; and together with the sophisticated and intelligent operating system, the CPU make the quick response within 0.03 sec possible. The vehicles will be just like the body parts of riders.

Airwheel S3

The hardware of Airwheel products also surprise people. For instance, the frames of all Airwheel intelligent scooters are made of magnesium aluminium alloy, which is out of aviation technologies. This material greatly reduces the weight of the whole vehicle body and strengthens the solidity and toughness at the same time.

Airwheel Q5

The solid yet light alloy can he processed into any patterns and shapes. For instance, the control shaft of Airwheel S5 scooter electric is made of this alloy and it detachable and foldable. The seats on Airwheel A3 sitting-posture electric scooters are ergonomic and processed with genuine leather, which make the seat distinguish and comfortable at the same time.

With such high price-performance ratio and user-oriented principles, Airwheel has presented consumers many amazing intelligent scooters, and changed the city traffic to some extent. The “mad and stupid” wins this time.

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