Airwheel Intelligent one wheel electric unicycle X8 Displays an Extraordinary Attitude to Riding

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Abstract: As riding becomes an increasingly popular activity, there are different attitudes towards riding. Airwheel intelligent scooter X8 displays an extraordinary attitude towards riding through the relentless efforts and innovation of the designers.

This riding attitude distinguishes itself from others with its eco-friendliness and powerfulness. As for the new generation of riders, that is what they are in need of.

Different riders have different attitudes towards riding. As a distinctive transport, Airwheel intelligent scooter X8 displays an extraordinary attitude to riding through the relentless efforts by the designers.

Airwheel X8

Airwheel single-wheeled electric scooter X8 is powered by electricity. The top-quality lithium battery imported from Sony is configured in the vehicle, granting scooter greater braking capacity and faster accelerated speed. The battery can be recharged for 1800 times, which is 3.8 times as many as regular batteries. Safe and reliable, it is also not flammable or explosive. Apart from that, it does not contain any toxic matters, which is thereby known as green battery. Adopting such a kind of battery, X8 is regarded as eco-friendly and zero-emission, for it will never emit any exhaust during the ride. Thus, riders of this vehicle count as environmental guardians.

Airwheel X8

Equipped with built-in high-tech intelligent chip, X8 can achieve self-balancing in the principle of aerospace attitude control theory. What’s more, with the help of the intelligent chip, the vehicle can provide three protections for riders, including speed limit protection, tilting protection and low battery protection. For example, when the remaining power is less than 15%, four LED lamps will light up and the buzzer will sound as a warning for riders. At the same time, the front of the standing board will lift up to make riders slow down and even stop. In this way, the transport will not run out of power all of a sudden and the safety of riders will be ensured.

Airwheel electric unicycle X8, eco-friendly and powerful, shows consumers an extraordinary riding attitude with its functions.

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