Why Airwheel Intelligent single wheel electric scooter X Series is the One?

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Abstract: X series self-balancing scooter is a single-wheel scooter series of Airwheel. From the power-driven machine to the portability, Airwheel strictly considers every aspect in order to ensure the high quality, experience and safety, which is a best choice for scooter lovers.

Nowadays, self-balancing scooter comes into public notice and attracts more and more interest. A large number of people are willing to try on this brand new way of locomotion to go on and off duty, do exercise or go for an excursion. However, there are too many models to choose from. Which one is the most suitable? Thus, today, the editor is going to introduce Airwheel single-wheel scooter X series to all of you.

Airwheel X3

 Airwheel X3 is the first self-balancing scooter that Airwheel researched and developed. After its release, it was immediately noticed, because of its high quality and cost performance. Airwheel X3 is only 9.8 Kg, which is compact and portable, but has a weight capacity up to 120 Kg. It perfectly meets the need of daily short and medium distance travel, which is more efficient than walking. 

Airwheel X5 has the same color combination with X3, but a little adjustment. As the Airwheel X5’s tilt angle of footboard is two degrees smaller that of X3’s, it is nearly parallel to the ground and fits people’s standing posture, and adds more comfort for riding.

Airwheel X8

Airwheel X8 is a 16-inch intelligent scooter of Airwheel. To fit the big wheel, its body is designed to be wide and flat, which makes the rider feel more comfortable. A high-quality Cheng Shin tyre has the wider surface and the better road gripping ability, so it is agile and stable and has shorter braking distance. Coupled with its single-wheel design, it is the best choice for adventure chasers.

In spite of the technical upgrading and product innovations, every Airwheel’s product has its own shining point. Airwheel aims to provide customers a safer, more intelligent and comfortable riding experience.

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