Melbourne Shuffle and Airwheel electric self-balancing Scooter, a Healthy Choice

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Abstract: Dancing with music is such a great thing for people to entertain themselves. What is more, dancing can actually make people more healthy and energetic. Just like dancing, Airwheel can also offer people health and energy through outdoor activity.

Dancing can be a really good way to keep fit and train the ability of balance. There are many kinds of dance around the world. Nowadays, there is a kind of dance which is the Melbourne Shuffle. It is a kind of club dance in Melbourne, Australia. When people try the Melbourne shuffle they would basically move their feet as the pattern of fast heel-and-toe action with a style suitable for various types of electronic music. Form the audience view, the dancer are just moving quietly and steadily on the floor. Such a kind of dance can both build health and train ability of balance.

Airwheel X3, single wheel electric scooter

The range of the battery can be as long as 2.9 times of the ordinary battery. Besides, there are three unknown advantages: intoxication, without memory effect and quick charge. These factors all ensure it have sufficient power to function well for a long time.

The totally enclosed design leaves riders fearless for the distain on the scooter. The whole weight of X3 is 10 kg, which is much lesser than that of all the other scooters. According to the real filed test, the cruising range of X3 self-balancing scooter can reach 18km/h. Even under various terrible road conditions, the actual range can be not much less than the theoretical value.

Airwheel X3, single wheel scooter

There are four protections in the design of the single wheel electric scooter, including the Airwheel. All these four protections are very important for the players. When the scooter is in low battery, the four LED indicators light would flash meanwhile the buzzer would also alerted. What is more, the tilting protection can effectively avoid the fall down of the scooter. Just as the Melbourne shuffle, Airwheel electric scooter can also be a really good way to keep fit.

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