Airwheel Technology, a Representative of Intelligence Joins in Hong Kong Electronic Show

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Abstract: The marvelous Electronic Show is about to be held in Hong Kong Asia World-Expo from 11th to 14th, Oct 2015. Airwheel Technology taking its intelligent electric scooter to participate in this grand gathering is waiting for your visit. 



Airwheel intelligent electric scooter


The most spectacular electronic products sourcing show, namely Electronic Show is going to be held Hong Kong Asia World-Expo from 11th to 14th, Oct 2015. Airwheel Technology will take its great products to participate in the grand gathering. What sort of products will Airwheel bring into the show? It’s the electric scooter. This company has been devoted to this line for years with abundant experience. Since its establishment, it has realized a grand leap in global market sales. Even more important, overseas market plays an increasingly significant role in Airwheel’s business strategy. So far it has achieved a good sale in most countries in the world, for example, Us, Canada, U.K, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Russia, Brazil, etc.

Airwheel electric scooter

Airwheel is so amazing as to be well received by consumers. That derives from its fancy products. For instance, the oldest series, X with one wheel is named electric unicycle, which causes people to be astonished. As the below picture showing, X8 let the world know nothing is impossible. It proves that one wheel can also be ridden on the road. And then Q series is ensuing, twin-wheeled scooters offering more steadiness as against X series. Look at the second photo. Q3 is cuter and portable with mini figure in contrast to the previous styles. After some time, S series has appeared with its two wheels. This style is with easier operation since it is equipped with handlebar. It’s also rather stable for the two strong tires. Later A series is created, which is with a leather cushion bestowing riders a comfortable experience. 

With continuous progress in product’s innovation, Airwheel Technology has already published its latest new products including electric Airwheel Z3, M3, F3, and S6 on 29th, September 2015. Airwheel is a difference-maker among numerous electronics. 

When Hong Kong Electronics Show is coming, Airwheel with its fabulous products located at Booth No. 5A18, Hall 5 is looking forward to customer’s gracious presence. 

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