Fancy Airwheel A3, Electric Scooter, Comes on the Scene

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Abstract: The wide world is full of wonders. A new-style electric scoter has been invented, which gives us a different riding experience.

Lately a bike-motorcycle has appeared in the crowded roads. Forgive my inaccurate wording since I can't find a professional term to describe it. Actually it is a Airwheel A3 two-wheeled electric scooter; and its front part, the handlebar is a slightly similar to a bike's; and the structure of its end part has a tone of motorcycle.

Judging from its exterior, it is made of light and thin magnesium aluminum alloy frame, which is polished and scratch-proof. Then the colorfast shell is made of nano mixed material. The whole design with various graphics has a tone of white and orange representing sporty and joyful elements. Premium quality and trendy design make us stylish.

Airwheel A3, personal transporter electric scooter

Looking at the cushion made by genuine leather seat, we can feel the smooth surface by hands. It can reduce the vibration and also protect butt from pain when wheels meet some uneven roadway. Looking up to the handlebar, it's made from comfortable silica gel that can make us easily control habits of posture and angle with safe protection when it falls over.

Between the right and left handlebars, there is a 4-inch LED display screen indicating comprehensive data like current speed, temperature, power level, mileage and monitor. With a screen in the scooter, lets us ride without worry. When it comes to the two big tires, supplied by Cheng Shin, are 16-inch hub-threaded tires. It offers us an excellent chance to change the pavement filled with stones. Therefore we can go to the beach with this scooter since it has strong and solid tires to support.  

Airwheel A3, adults electric unicycle

Broadly speaking, this A3 with fine craftsmanship abides ergonomic principle to furnish riders a cozy riding position. Welcome A3, two wheels self-balancing scooter to come on the scene for playing with us.

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