Adjustable Cushion on Airwheel S6, Electric Scooter

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Abstract: New Products Release Conference of Airwheel Technology has passed weeks. The latest version of the structure is Airwheel S6 full of new features, which is commissioned with the important task of liberating riders hands from the handlebar.

Each fall for the past few years, Airwheel has released a series of new types of mini self-balancing scooters that adds features to its movable products. At this September of 2015, Airwheel keeping the previous practice has released its new products.

Airwheel S6

The 2-wheeled electric scooter does not need a gas pedal or steering wheel since it’s powered by green energy resource, and it can be driven through the center of gravity. The whole structure of this scooter is adopting magnesium alloy material which is light and solid. Moreover that material does no harm to our environment and is good for us to save irreversible natural resources for it is recyclable. Briefly it’s a green product to give us a cleaner and fresher ambience.

Airwheel S6

Between two pedals, it’s not the handlebar, but an adjustable support rod with a cushion made of genuine leather. We can adjust the height of the cushion until it turns perfect to ride. This humanized design complies with ergonomics, offering riders a more comfortable experience. Besides, this novel design gives riders various ways of riding in that the cushion is able to be adjustable. If riders feel tired because of standing a long time to ride the saddle-equipped electric scooter, they can stretch out the cushion in the suitable height; if riders want to stand for a better sight, they can just make the cushion in the lowest position. The adjustable cushion provides riders with two options of riding postures.

In conclusion, Airwheel S6 is a new miracle for us. It lets our life more diversified, and intelligent. Thanks to Airwheel Technology, specialized in developing and manufacturing scooters, we can have a better world.

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