Airwheel M3 Electric Skateboard Leads the Road of Scientific Innovation

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Abstract: Scientific revolution is the eternal theme in the modern society. Airwheel Technology advocates scientific innovation constantly. Airwheel electric skateboard M3 is intelligent and low-carbon. It reflects the concept of benefiting people with high technology.

The law of social development indicates that scientific revolution is the eternal theme in the modern society. Only by constant innovation, the society could share the fruits of consistent development. All industries need technological innovation as a driving force. As an emerging company, Airwheel Technology advocates scientific innovation constantly.

Airwheel M3

The self-balancing scooters, M3, with similar quality components, is a new type of efficient commuting vehicle. It is not a simple and ordinary skateboard. Instead, it is a collected wisdom of technicians and designers. As a product at the forefront of the scientific trend, it has many unbeatable functions and features.

Airwheel M3

Differentiated from traditional skateboard, the electric skateboard M3 is operated by a wireless remote control. Compared to Airwheel intelligent unicycles, M3 doesn’t require too much shifting of body postures to get around. The remote control leads the vehicle forward and backward. The remote control is connected to the intelligent chips mounted onto the vehicle. As an electric vehicle, it is more labor-saving than riding bikes and more portable than electromobiles. With a PU material damper mass, the vehicle glides more smoothly and riders feel more comfortable. It is more than a sports vehicle. The practical functions lay the first stone for its wide application.

Airwheel M3

Environment pollution is a knot in everybody’s mind. The fog and haze has brought too much inconvenience to everyone’s life. To conserve the environment, the green and low-carbon vehicle powered by electricity should be highly promoted and applied into daily use. There is a time when mobile phone is quite expensive. But now, it has become a necessary tool for each one. Maybe there is a day when Airwheel electric skateboard could get into each household, like bikes. On the road of scientific innovation, Airwheel will never stop moving.

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